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Pharma Merchant Accounts

Your online pharmacy business is coming under attack from many different directions. It is most important that your credit card processing is handled by a firm interested in protecting your right to stay in business. It’s imperative that you work with a firm that can manage all your credit card processing risk? Whether you are just setting up your online pharmacy offshore merchant account for the first time, or you are not currently happy with the rates from your current processor, we can help. Start processing with us today! We always have the lowest rates and fastest payouts for all online pharmacies.

An online pharmacy merchant account will allow your online pharmaceutical or supplement website to accept credit card payment over the internet, or by manually entering transactions through an online virtual terminal. The system can integrate flawlessly with an existing shopping cart system. Some supplement websites may be able to process through a domestic processing bank, which will considerably lower the cost of accepting credit cards. For this reason we carefully review each potential customer, and offer domestic processing where applicable and then add an offshore solution where required.

We currently have many online pharmacy merchant accounts processing through us, so we know what to do to get you up and processing as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Online Pharmacies are one of the fastest growing internet businesses. By going with AMP, you will get an easily adjustable volume cap for your pharmacy merchant account. Not only will you be able to do business at your own growth rate you also will not have to worry about getting shut down based on volume restrictions.