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Global Charities

Global charities, non-profits, associations, chambers of commerce, buying groups – the goal is to have the financial contributions from donors hit the charity while not paying excessive fees to the credit card associations of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Alternative Merchant Processing has significant experience working with the above mentioned industry types. These clients may accept some “swiped payments” at annual fundraisers or for a silent auction but the majority will be done via online or as a mail order/telephone order transaction.

AMP will provide your charity with the best set-up for your given event, whether its having mobile devices, physical credit card terminal and/or computers with payment gateways configured for your galas. AMP will ensure that your payment method is tested prior to the events in order that your charity can earn as many donations as possible and stay current with the latest in technology or some merchant prefer the time tested process of manually entering credit card transactions through a standard credit card terminal.

AMP’s team of underwriters and risk managers are comfortable in this industry vs. a traditional bank that will typically reject this merchant type. Our risk management team will monitor the chargeback ratio to ensure that your account remains open for business.