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Bail Bondsman

Alternative Merchant Processing has the understanding and technology infrastructure to handle online credit card processing for bail bonds companies. We understand the ins and outs of working within the bail bonds industry and have successfully implemented integrations on behalf of bail bondsman and have these companies accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover in 24-48 hours after receiving a complete merchant application.

Bail bonds agents are considered high risk companies, and therefore have a hard time securing sureties, such as banks and insurance companies. There is high demand in this industry as more people have less money to spend on bailing family and friends out of jail.

Alternative Merchant Processing is prepared and comfortable working with professional bail bondsman, surety bail bondsman and accommodation bondsman. In addition, AMP’s solid banking relationships and worldwide connections ensure that you have the best resources in accessing sureties.

Whether your company covers all types of bonds or specializes in specific types of bail bonds, Alternative Merchant Processing will help your business secure a competitive credit card processing merchant account.