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Ammunition Stores

Given all the conversations in the news and Congress about ammunition stores and firearms, it is obvious that the industry of gun dealers and firearms credit card processing is considered high risk merchant processing.

Whether your store in a retail establishment, mail order or internet company, Alternative Merchant Processing will help your business secure a competitive credit card processing merchant account.

Based on industry statistics, the US industry produces more than 8 million guns per year: about 50 percent are pistols and revolvers; about 35 percent are rifles, and about 15 percent are shotguns and other firearms. Without any political commentary, these figures demonstrate the continued growth of this industry and of course, business owners need credit cards as a form of payment.

Our solution to enable credit card processing for firearms and gun dealers includes: (1) integrated processing solutions with high speed PCI credit card terminals and/or payment gateways like, cybersources, orbital plus (2) a proactive chargeback program to monitor new chargebacks and help merchants through this process (it is important to understand that once a merchant has a high chargeback ratio, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a valid merchant account).

There are so many credit card companies advertising on the web their services and that they can accept high risk and gun dealers for high risk merchant processing. Just beware as it is common that a processor can and will approve your business only to have it closed down a few weeks later once the risk underwriters more closely examine your business type.